PURE BACKLESS maxi dress


A fitted dress that covers the entire calves and ends just below the ankle line, with an extremely deep cut on the back. Made of cotton with a ribbed structure with a small addition of elastane. A special, complex structure, specialized rubbers and an innovative bodysuit sewn inside the dress make the neckline fit perfectly to the body despite the practically naked back, and the breasts are gently supported. The inner bodysuit is made of a delicate and thin material so that it does not stand out under the dress and is very pleasant to the body. The armpits are additionally reinforced with elastic bands that prevent the dress from sliding off the shoulders.

The sleeves of the model are pertly long in a slightly grunge style - they reach three-quarters of the hand.

  • Machine-washable. Maximum temperature: 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not spin in the washing machine.
  • The product is available in black.
  • Four sizes: XS, S, M and L.
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane.
  • Maximum product shrinkage up to 5%.
  • Handmade in Poland.

Wymiary (mierzone na płasko, materiał jest rozciągliwy):

total length
width (bust)
width (hips)
sleeve length
133 cm
30 cm
35 cm
68 cm
136 cm
33 cm
36 cm
70 cm
138 cm
36 cm
39 cm
71 cm
140 cm
40 cm
42 cm
72 cm

For #muuvgirls below 165 we recommend size XS, above and up to 176 cm size S. Size M is dedicated to people from 176 cm to 180 cm. For #muuvgirls looking for larger sizes, we recommend size L. Remember that in addition to your height, other dimensions are also important, e.g. if you are 170 cm tall but you wear size 40 in classic clothing size, we suggest choosing size L.



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